tear-off-notepad tear-off-notepad-with tear-line

Use the Tear-Off Notepads as business memo pads or as personal aids at home where you can swiftly tear away notes as needed. Whether you work in an office environment where writing quick notes to share is an essential part of daily life, or you delight in the many notes scattered in your home, the Tear-Off Notepads are designed specifically for that.

These notepads come in several sizes depending on how much space you need to write. Each page is neatly lined and spaced – perfect for any writing type such as big littered or cursive. Everyone can benefit from Tear-Off Notepads – sit one at the shop counter if you need to pass on an address or phone number to a client, place one in the kitchen to jot down needed grocery items throughout the week, or put one on your desk at work where you can write creative business ideas to present at upcoming meetings.

Keep thoughts organized and share them conveniently with the seamless tearing feature.


  • Several sizes available
  • Seamless tearing
  • Neat lines/spaces
  • Portable design
  • Suitable for everyone