The Carrot Cut-Out Notebook is a mixture of cute, practical and convenient.

The front cover features a carrot cut-out shape, with the first page just behind decorated with vibrant carrots – giving a radiant cover effect.

Throughout this notebook are neatly lined pages and date spaces at the top of each page – the perfect format for students or those seeking a journal-like notebook to document their daily ventures into a diary.

 The singer-sewn binding of the Carrot Cut-Out Notebook adds unique detail for subtle character and extra durability.

Overall, it’s an ideal tool for everyday use concerning most lifestyles. Students, businessmen/women, office workers, receptionists, moms, dads or anyone else can enjoy the convenience and productivity these notebooks offers.

 Take the Carrot Cut-Out Notebook with you anywhere in life and let it be a helpful companion to jot down your important notes, tasks, encounters or lists.


  • Singer sewn binding
  • Carrot cutting cover
  • Lined notebook with date spaces
  • Kraft paper and yello woodfree paper