Linen Hardcover Notebook inside insideLinen Hardcover Notebook (2)Linen Hardcover Notebook (2)   Linen Hardcover Notebook (2)  Linen Hardcover Notebook with sticker

If you prefer a more professional notebook catered to your exclusive taste and fashion, you will surely admire the Linen Hardcover Notebook. With its contemporary linen impression, it’s a delight to touch and carry each and every day.

The linen surface is suitable for sticky notes over kraft or plastic material, with an easier peeling experience. Inside are neatly lined pages where you can jot down important meeting notes, class subjects, or even use it at home as a journal.

Match your classy outfits, such as suits and other luxurious business wear, against the neutral linen hardcover available in a light shade of blue, grey, or natural. Enjoy the compact size and fit it discreetly in your bag, or carry it in your arm to show off its modern look.


  • Linen hardcover
  • Professional look
  • Satisfying touch
  • Protective design
  • Lined pages