What is Lithography?

The technique which dominates the printing industry is a four step printing process.

The first step of the process is where the desired image (brand logo, name, picture, etc.) is converted to the printing plate – this is known as ‘Prepress’.

The second step of the process is known as ‘make-ready’, the name indicates that this step focuses on getting things ready for printing. This step includes getting the paper, ink, and printing plates ready. Moreover, this step also involves testing the printing press and making sure the image is aligned with the note book, according to our client’s specifications.

The next step is the ‘press’ stage where the actual printing takes place (as seen in the video).

The last step is known as the ‘post press’ – this step involves any finishing touches that need to be made to the product and any errors that need to be fixed.

Why choose Lithography?

Businesses are always looking for new and innovative ways to market their products and make them desirable to their customers. With technology progressing at a very fast rate, corporations need unique ideas for their marketing strategies. Not only does IWIZ PRINT lithography notebooks provide a personalized product but this also creates a wonderful opportunity for promoting a company or organization. Additionally, these custom notebooks are practical, easy to use, and

However, the product is not only for companies looking for marketing opportunities but for individuals as well who love to collect or use notebooks. This customized product is perfect for aspiring writers or students or individuals who like to be organized.

IWIZ PRINTS provides you with an aesthetic yet cost-effective product. The image of your choice is printed precisely and accurately (as can be seen in the pictures above). We guarantee you complete satisfaction with your product. IWIZ PRINT has the process of lithography refined in order to produce the exact image, text, and color that you send us.