Custom Sticky notes with different shapeCustom Sticky notes with different shape duck Custom Sticky notes with different shape elephant Custom Sticky notes with different shape pig Custom Sticky notes with different shape pineapple

Sticky notes are convenient for a range of purposes, but now they can be even more exciting, fun and creative with these Custom-Shaped Sticky Notes. With our customization services, you can create your own dream sticky notes! Customize them into fruits like pineapples and watermelons, or into animals such as pigs, ducks and elephants. These fun designs also make them the perfect, go-to school necessity for your children.

Our Custom-Shaped Sticky Notes can be used in all aspects of daily life. Use them to jot down reminders, grocery lists, shopping lists, gift ideas, favourite movies and TV shows, class notes, to-do tasks, and much more. The adhesive backs provide you with a way to stick them to any surface where they can be easily found and un-stuck. You might want to write a shopping list at night, stick it on the refrigerator, wake up in the morning and take the note off the fridge with you on your shopping trip.

The many ways you can use these fun Custom-Shaped Sticky Notes are endless, and the cute designs are guaranteed to stand out from all of your other stationery items and accessories. We’re confident that you’ll appreciate sticky notes much more than you originally did with these fun shaped designs!


  • Customize the shape – animals, fruits, etc.
  • Adhesive for sticky feature
  • Use for school, to-do lists, and much more
  • Perfect for school children