Custom-Discbound-Notebook manufacturerCustom-Discbound-Notebook colorful plastic cover Discbound-Notebook with The mushroom hole Discbound-Notebook with pocket dividers  Custom-Discbound-Notebook with pocket dividers 2

Many people know what spiral binding notebooks are – are these notebooks are more commonly used than any other. However, there’s a new competitor in town, the Discbound Notebook.

What is a Discbound Notebook?

It’s okay if you’ve never heard about or seen a discbound notebook. We’ll tell you all about it in this post. Similar to a spiral notebook, a disc-bound notebook can also be folded when using it and then folded back to its original shape. However, unlike the traditional ring-binder, a disc-bound notebook uses disks to hold its pages together.

The good thing about discbound notebooks is that you can use any kind of paper in it (the standard notebook comes with lined papers). The paper used is first punched with a disc binding punch machine that creates mushroomed shaped holes in the paper, and then that paper can be put into the notebook. You can request the type of paper as well by choosing from our paper options. This uniqueness of the discbound system allows you to customize the notebook however you desire.

There are several sizes of discs available – all you need to do is tell us what size you need and IWIZ PRINT will provide you with exactly what you need.  

The custom discbound notebook comes with plastic pocket dividers that make organizing your papers and documents a lot easier. This notebook is the perfect solution for creating an organized system – this way you would never lose anything and can keep your things in place.

The covers of the notebook can be customized according to your choice – whether you want a specific color, design, logo, or text IWIZ PRINT can make it possible. Providing you with a customized end product.


  • Frosted polypropylene covers – front and back
  • 8 black discs
  • Hard plastic pocket dividers