Altor packaging Black drawer boxAltor packaging box UV Altor packaging box inside eva Altor packaging box custom inner mold Altor packaging drawer box Altor packaging box cardboard drawer boxespackaging

  • Custom black cardboard dawer boxes.
  • 2mm thickness cardboard with the 150GSM cover
  • Inside: EVA foam with cutting shape
  • logo is UV varnishing

It’s relatively easy to invent a new product of any kind. The challenge that business owners face is how to promote their product into the market. One essential part of that is the packaging of your product. IWIZ PRINT provides you with customized packaging. All you have to do is provide us with a document (could be PDF, CDR, AI, or EPS format) and IWIZ PRINT will do the rest for you.

Our products include a wide variety of packaging including the cardboard drawer boxes with UV coating. The custom with a 2 mm thickness and 150 GSM cover comes with an EVA foam that you can cut according to the shape of your product.

Moreover, the black cardboard is coated with UV (ultra violet) varnish. It is a liquid coating that has a shiny look. Not only does it give an aesthetic look but is beneficial for your product as well!

Benefits of UV varnishing

  • Shiny finish – UV coatings look especially great when coated on dark colors such as black. Not only does it give a shiny finish but also makes your product look more professional thus making your brand look more appealing.
  • Abrasion resistant – A UV coating has other benefits other than just looking good. UV coating protects the packaging and makes sure the box does not get damaged or scratched. All high quality products use UV coating on their packaging (for example the packaging of mobile phones). Moreover, if you are to ship your product the UV coating protects the box from any kind of damage.
  • Highlights brand logo – As seen on the box, the UV coating makes the name of the brand stand out. So as soon as people see your packaging they know what the name of the brand is.
  • Eco-friendly – Not only will your product look aesthetic but by using a UV coating you will keep the manufacturing process (of the packaging) completely environment friendly.

All in all, IWIZ PRINT is an excellent option as we provide unique packaging. With the competition being very competitive, you need to make sure you’re making the right decision. IWIZ PRINT provides you with the perfect packaging that catches the attention of your customer and compliments your brand!